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Bolero Snort Brewery is located in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. They started commercial brewing in 2013. However, Bolero Snort is a gypsy brewing company; therefore, they contract brew their craft beer at various breweries throughout New Jersey. They are known for hand-crafting ales and lagers, and their beers are influenced by traditional and emerging styles. Today, we are providing our thoughts on their popular Strawberry Cream Pop IPA, which is an IPA brewed and double dry-hopped with Hull Melon, Mosaic, and Belma hops. The IPA is conditioned on strawberries, lactose, and Madagascar vanilla beans.


Bolero Snort's Strawberry Cream Pop IPA poured a pinkish orange color in our Drink Local Mini Teku. The IPA sported a short white head with decent lacing.


Double Dry-hopped Strawberry Vanilla Bullsicle (SVB) is a berry and vanilla dominant India Pale Ale with noticeable amounts of hops in the aroma profile. The hand-crafted IPA smells like a hoppy strawberry milkshake.


SVB is a smooth and thin-bodied IPA that expresses the hop characteristics nicely. Unlike the aroma profile, the hops dominate the flavor profile of this IPA. The hops are complemented by a wave of vanilla that is followed by hints of strawberry and creamy lactose.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Bolero Snort's Strawberry Cream Pop IPA was unique and more hop-forward than the first batch. We truly enjoyed drinking this beer; however, we would have liked to taste more strawberry in the flavor profile. The strawberry flavor was definitely more prominent in the first batch of SVB, but we really enjoyed the new take on this beer.


Bolero Snort self-distributes their beer to liquor stores throughout New Jersey. Information regarding new beer releases is readily available on their blog and social media accounts.

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Bolero Snort Brewery:

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Brewery Location:

Bolero Snort Brewery

65 Railroad Avenue
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660