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Frequently Asked Questions:


       Do you sell your glassware in any retail locations?

  • Yes, we offer our glassware in very limited quanities in the following retail locations:
    • New Jersey:
      • Cranbury Buy-Rite, 2678 US-130, Cranbury, NJ 08512

        What if the glassware I want is SOLD OUT?

  • Our designs are released on premium craft beer glasses in limited quantities. Once a design/glass is sold out, we do not typically restock that particular item.
  • However, we might have a few extras, so send us an email at


Does I Prefer Craft Beer offer Local Pickup or Local Delivery?

  • Yes, we offer both Local Pickup and Local Delivery.
    • We are located in Washington, D.C.
    • Local Pickup is always FREE
    • Local Delivery is FREE on orders over $59.00 (15-mile radius); otherwise, there is a small $5.00 fee that is added to the total order amount.
  • Please email us with your address and order details, and we will send you a custom invoice via email.
  • Local Pickup and Local Delivery will incur D.C. Sales Tax (5.75%).


    What if my glassware arrives broken?
      • We package every craft beer glass very carefully.
        • If your craft beer glassware arrives broken, please notify us via e-mail with a photo of the broken glass in the original packaging within 48 hours. We will rectify the issue immediately.

                 **We require a photo of the broken glass in the original packaging**


        Why didn't I receive a packing slip with my craft beer glassware order?

        • We are an environmentally friendly company, and your receipt is emailed to you immediately after your purchase. Therefore, we do not include a physical packing slip or receipt.  However, we can include a packing slip and receipt with your craft beer glassware order upon request.


          What shipping service do you use, and what is the estimated transit time for my package?
            • We ship all of our packages either UPS Ground, USPS First Class, and USPS Priority unless otherwise stated.
            • USPS Priority and UPS Ground include insurance and a tracking number.
              • USPS First Class Mail does not include insurance.
            • We package and ship all orders within 1-2 business days; however, most orders are shipped within 1 business day.
            • The suggested USPS delivery time is 1-3 Business Days, but they are not guaranteed by USPS, UPS, or I Prefer Craft Beer.

                     **We are not responsible for delays caused by USPS or UPS**


              Do you offer combined shipping on multiple items?
                • Yes, we offer combined shipping via our calculated rates. The calculated shipping rates will automatically update based on the size/weight/distance of your order. The system will always use the most affordable shipping options via USPS Priority.
                • Shipping rates are calculated by USPS and are more cost effective when purchasing more than a single glass.


                  Do you offer refunds, returns, or exchanges?
                    • All sales are final, and we do not offer refunds, returns, cancellations, or exchanges.
                      • If your glassware arrives broken, please follow the procedure outlined in the "What if my glassware arrives broken?" section.


                      Does I Prefer Craft Beer sell craft beer or homebrew?
                          • No, I Prefer Craft Beer does not sell homebrew or craft beer from any local craft brewery. We are not licensed to sell beer, homebrew, or any form of alcohol. However, we sell craft beer glasses with our artwork screen-printed onto the beer glassware.


                            How do I care for my craft beer glasses?

                            • We always recommend hand washing your craft beer glassware with a ph neutral dish soap. The majority of our glassware is dishwasher-safe; however, dishwasher detergent is very harsh and can potentially degrade the artwork and glassware over time.
                            • Artwork that is produced with precious metals:
                              • Hand Wash Only
                              • Using a dishwashing machine will severely damage the precious metal ink.
                              • Precious Metal Colors:
                                • Bright Platinum Metallic
                                • Bright Gold Metallic


                             Do you ship internationally?

                            • Yes, we currently ship to the following countries:
                              • Canada
                              • Brazil
                              • United Kingdom
                            • Please send us an email if you are interested in our craft beer glasses and your country is not listed.
                            • The buyer is responsible for all international taxes, fees, duties, and tariffs.

                              What style of beer is suitable for your beer glassware?

                              • Our craft beer glasses are suitable for various styles of beer. We suggest the following beer styles for our glassware:
                                • India Pale Ale, Double IPA, Triple IPA, and Imperial IPA.
                                • Gose, Berliner Weisse, and Sour Beer.
                                • Stout and Porter.
                                • Dubbel, Tripel, and Quadrupel.
                                • Wheat Beer, Hefeweizen, Pilsner, and Lager.
                                • Culinary IPA, Pale Ale, and any hop-forward beer.
                                • Saison and Farmhouse Ale.
                                • Barrel-Aged Beer

                              We are here to help! Please reach out to us at with any additional questions