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February 12, 2023 1 min read

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, everyone!
A question I commonly receive emails about is - How long do coffee beans remain fresh?
The answer is simple; yet, sophisticated. In short, most coffee beans remain at peak freshness for 3 weeks. However, if you buy your coffee pre-ground, you only have around 7 days to enjoy it's intended flavors and aromas. When coffee is ground, those flavor/aroma compounds have been broken down and have more surface area, which means they will stale at a much faster rate than whole beans.
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Therefore, I always recommend you purchase our small batch coffee in whole beans, and please keep the coffee beans in the original bag, as I've tested the duration of peak freshness with our coffee in their original bags (3 weeks). Our coffee bags were designed with a one way degassing valve that pushes oxygen out but doesn't allow it back in. You can extend the specialty coffee bean lifespan by ensuring to remove all of the oxygen from the bag after you've weighed your beans.
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Please feel free to reach out to me directly at with any questions :)