April 16, 2024 3 min read

Chilling Out with Cold Brew: A Refreshing Twist on Coffee Brewing

As the temperatures start to rise and the days get longer, there's one thing on every coffee lover's mind: cold brew season! But before you dash off to your local café and empty your wallet on pricey iced coffees, let's talk about the art of brewing cold brew at home. Get ready to chill out, save some cash, and indulge in the smooth, bold flavors of homemade cold brew!

 So, why cold brew? What's all the fuss about? Well, my caffeinated compadres, allow me to enlighten you on the wonders of this chilled concoction:

  1. Smooth Operator: Cold brew is renowned for its smooth, mellow flavor profile. By steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in cold water for an extended period (usually 12-24 hours), you extract all the delicious goodness without any of the bitterness or acidity that can sometimes accompany hot brewing methods.

  2. Less Acid, More Fun: If you're someone who struggles with acid reflux or sensitive stomachs, cold brew could be your new best friend. Because it's brewed with cold water, cold brew coffee tends to be gentler on the stomach and lower in acidity compared to its hot-brewed counterparts.

  3. Versatile Vibes: Cold brew is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways. Sip it straight over ice for a refreshing pick-me-up, or get creative and use it as a base for delicious coffee cocktails and mocktails. The possibilities are endless!

  4. Money-Saving Magic: Ah, the sweet sound of savings! Brewing cold brew at home can save you a pretty penny in the long run. No more shelling out $5 for a single serving at your local café—simply whip up a batch at home and watch your wallet thank you.

Now that you're sold on the benefits of cold brew, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get brewing! Here's a simple, no-fuss cold brew recipe to get you started:

Easy Peasy Cold Brew Recipe:


  • 1 cup coarsely ground coffee beans (use your favorite best-tasting craft coffee for maximum flavor, or snag our easy-to-use cold brew kits!)
  • 4 cups cold water
  • Optional: milk, cream, sweetener, flavored syrups, for serving


  1. In a large jar or pitcher, combine the coarsely ground coffee beans and cold water. Stir gently to ensure all the grounds are fully saturated.
  2. Cover the jar or pitcher and let it sit at room temperature for 12-24 hours, depending on your desired strength.
  3. Once the brewing time is up, strain the cold brew concentrate through a fine-mesh sieve or cheesecloth to remove the grounds.
  4. Store the cold brew concentrate in the fridge for up to a week.
  5. To serve, dilute the cold brew concentrate with equal parts water or milk, pour over ice, and enjoy!

Pro Tip: Feel free to get creative with your cold brew concoctions! Add a splash of flavored syrup for a sweet twist, or top with frothed milk for a café-worthy treat.

Conclusion: With cold brew season upon us, there's never been a better time to embrace the joys of homemade cold brew. Not only will you save money and skip the long lines at the café, but you'll also get to enjoy the smooth, refreshing flavors of cold brew from the comfort of your own home. So grab your favorite best-tasting craft coffee online, roll up your sleeves, and get brewing—your taste buds will thank you!