May 11, 2023 3 min read

How to Pick Out Flavors in Coffee like a Pro with this Awesome Craft Coffee Game
Are you looking for the best craft coffee game to help you learn how to pick out flavors in coffee like a pro? Look no further! Our awesome new craft coffee sensory game is an easy and fun way to practice and hone your craft coffee tasting skills. With this game, you'll be able to identify subtle aromas and complex flavor notes in your specialty coffee like an expert!
The Basics of Craft Coffee
If you're looking for a way to elevate your coffee experience, look no further than craft coffee. But what is craft coffee, exactly? Simply put, it's freshly roasted specialty coffee that's consumed during peak freshness. By consuming the freshest craft coffee online, you're able to taste the nuances of each roast and truly experience the flavors and aromas present in each cup.
Craft coffee is a wonderful way to enjoy coffee in its purest form, and it's the perfect starting point for learning how to pick out flavors in coffee. By exploring different roasts and learning about the nuances of each roast, you can develop a refined palate that can detect even the most subtle flavors in your coffee. And with the help of our awesome new sensory game, it's easy and fun to do just that.
The Sensory Game
If you're looking for a fun and easy way to pick out flavors and aromas in your fresh craft coffee, look no further than our sensory game! This game is designed to help you taste and smell the unique nuances of specialty coffee by breaking down common sensory categories and characteristics. Whether you're a seasoned coffee drinker or just starting out, this game is perfect for anyone looking to improve their palate and appreciation for craft coffee. So, brew up a fresh cup of your favorite roast, grab some friends, and get ready to experience coffee in a whole new way with our sensory game!
The 4 Steps to Picking Out Flavors in Coffee
So, you have your freshest craft coffee online, and you're ready to play our sensory game to pick out flavors like a pro.
Let's get started with these four easy steps.
  • Step 1: Begin by smelling each coffee and then take a sip.
    • Before you take your first sip, smell the coffee. Take note of any aromas that stand out to you. Then, take a sip and let it sit in your mouth for a moment before swallowing.
  • Step 2: While still tasting the coffee, circle any flavors that you taste or smell.
    • As you sip, take note of any flavors that you can taste or smell. Circle them on the game card provided with our sensory game. Don't worry if you can't pinpoint every flavor at first - it takes practice!
  • Step 3: Have your friends taste the coffee and ask them to jot some notes down, too.
    • Make the game more fun by having your friends join in and taste the coffee. Ask them to write down any flavors or aromas they can pick out. You may be surprised at the variety of answers!
  • Step 4: Compare & Discuss your experiences with your friends while sharing your findings.
    • Finally, take some time to compare and discuss your experiences with your friends. Talk about the flavors you all tasted and how they differed. Share your findings and see if anyone can pick up on any additional flavors that you may have missed.
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The Conclusion
At the end of the day, there's no denying that the freshest craft coffee online deserves to be enjoyed to the fullest. And what better way to do that than with our awesome new sensory game? Not only is it an easy and fun way to pick out flavors and aromas in your specialty coffee, but it also comes complimentary with every coffee order! So next time you order from us, be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity to elevate your coffee experience. And if you ever need additional game cards, don't worry – they're available for purchase as well. Cheers to discovering the many delicious nuances of craft coffee!