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Triple Crossing Brewing Company is located in Richmond, Virginia. Over the last couple of years, Triple Crossing went through an expansion and now operates two locations in Richmond, VA. Triple Crossing focuses on creating hop-forward and sour beer styles. Today, we are providing our thoughts on Triple Crossing's Mixed Berry Waxing Poetic Gose. Waxing Poetic is a fruited sour beer brewed with Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, and Boysenberries. We enjoyed Waxing Poetic Mixed Berry in late March.


Triple Crossing's mixed berry gose poured a deep reddish and purple color in our Porch Bomb Teku Glass. The sour beer produced a thin tinted head but dissipated very quickly.


As the head started to dissipate in the Porch Bomb Teku glass, the gose released wonderful berry aromas. Naturally, we were able to pick up the lactic acid in the aromas, too (think yogurt).


Wonderful flavors of dark berries and bold tart fruit leads into a somewhat dry tartness that rounds this sour beer out.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Triple Crossing's Waxing Poetic gose is a well-balanced brew. The sour beer was definitely more in line with a traditional fruited sour than a dessert style sour beer.

We recommend visiting one of Triple Crossing locations in Richmond, Virginia.

Our Recommendations:

Triple Crossing Beers:

Citra Triangles (IPA), Clever Girl (IPA), Waxing Poetic (Gose), and Falcon Smash (IPA)

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Brewery Location:

Triple Crossing (Downtown):

113 S Foushee St,
Richmond, VA 23220
Triple Crossing (Fulton):
5203 Hatcher St,
Richmond, VA 23231