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Craft Brew Junkies v2 Blend

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Get Your Craft Brew Junkies v2 Blend Now - Elbow Benders & Junkies! 

Craft Brew Junkies! Our CBJ v2 Blend is NOT your average joe. It's a work of art, and it's here for just 48 hours or until the last of the 40 bags vanish. 

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CBJ v2 Blend (12oz):
Origin: Costa Rica - Honey Process & Thermic Process
Flavor Notes: Banana Fudge Brownie, Berries Honey, & Almond Peach
BBA CBJ Blend (8oz):
Origin: Guatemala SHB EP
Aged On: Widow Jane 10 year & Widow Jane Apple Wood Rye
Flavor Notes: Apple Wood, Bourbon, Spice, Roasted Nuts, Butter, Smooth AF