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Growler Hour Collaboration Beer Tasting Glasses | 6.5 oz

I Prefer Craft Beer x Growler Hour Beer Tasting Glasses
  • Variant 2 (2019)
  • 6.5-ounce Capacity
  • Sold In Sets: 2 Or 4 Tasting Glasses
You've been waiting for the best craft beer tasting glasses, and they are finally back in-stock for a limited time bearing a new design.
Chris, Matt (Growler Hour), and I collaborated on a very unique beer tasting glass for their annual Pastry Pals dessert-beer pairing (v2). We love the social aspect of beer releases, bottle shares, and craft can get-togethers.
Therefore, we designed a taster glass that incorporates our passion for sharing beers, while adhering to proper beer glassware etiquette. Similar to our Silhouette IPA glass, the collaboration beer sampler glasses concentrate aromatics and accentuate flavor profiles in a small beer glass.
The beer tasting glassware sports our new pastry-inspired Donut design and Growler Hour's iconic growler silhouette logo.

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