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Anaerobic Craft Coffee | Mixed Fermentation Coffee

Anaerobic Coffee

Taste the world of a difference in craft coffee with our new in-house small batch Anaerobic coffees! Our coffees are exclusively aged on natural fruit & fruit wines, which brings out tremendous fleshy fruit flavors with a slight alcoholic-finish. Each sip is overflowing with notes of juicy red & tropical fruits, wine, chocolate, stone fruit, and candied nuts.

What is Anaerobic coffee!? In short, it's coffee that is fermented in an oxygen free environment with the fruit and/or mucilage intact for an extended period of time.

A note from our good friend Ryan - "Probably one of my top three if not my favorite"

Tasting Notes:FruitPie, Berry, Mango, Chocolate, Honey Nuts, Barrel-aged Oak


Roast: Medium

Size: 10-Ounce Bag

*Note*  - Our Small Batch anaerobic coffee is fermented in-house in extremely small batches. These coffees are very popular and will not last long on the website. Additionally, there is no alcohol remaining in the coffee, it's roasted off during the roasting process.