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Craft Beer Culture Beer Glasses | Dank & Juicy Beer Glassware | 16oz

Collaboration Craft Beer Glasses:
  1. Craft Beer Matters x I Prefer Craft Beer Snifter Beer Glass
  2. Craft Beer Depot x I Prefer Craft Beer Snifter Beer Glass
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Remarkably Versatile
    • Limited Availability
    • 16-Ounce Capacity
    Our collaboration beer glass with Craft Beer Matters and Craft Beer Depot ( Facebook Groups). The best beer glassware showcases Craft Beer Matter's iconic logo with our newly designed Dank & Juicy (v3) artwork. Additionally, our Craft Beer Depot collaboration glassware displays Craft Beer Depot's newly designed logo.
    Whether you love hop-forward IPAs or juicy pale ales, your awesome new 16-ounce dank and juicy beer glass is a great choice for any beer style. The wide bowl and slightly curved lip increase the aromatics of your beer, while the base of the glass provides stability.