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Silhouette Series | Stout & IPA Glassware | 17 oz Beer Glass

Silhouette Series | Proper Stout Glassware & IPA Glassware:
  • Best Craft Beer Glasses
  • 17-Ounce Capacity (v1)
  • 16-Ounce Glassware (v2)
  • 15-Ounce Glassware (v3)
 All glassware is not created equal - your ideal proper beer glassware is sturdy, ergonomic, and sensory enhancing.
 Introducing the wide-bowled Silhouette Stout & IPA beer glass.
 Why leave a few ounces of beer in the bottom of an aluminum can?  This stunning craft beer glass holds an entire 16-ounce beer while leaving space for an aromatic foamy head.
Go ahead, pour your craft beer into your new aromatic beer glass.
The IPA glasses feature a large bowl and flared lip, which is imperative to enhance the aromatics of your craft beer. Your new IPA beer glass feels perfect in your hand, and the IPA glassware does an excellent job of concentrating aromatics and accentuating flavor profiles.