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SnailTrail Blend | Best Small Batch Coffee

Our Snailtrail Blend is a hand-crafted blend of coffees from fertile lands of Africa and Central America. When these two special beans are paired together, they create a rich, flavorful, and unforgettable coffee experience.

Snailtrail Blend Notes:

Light Roast: Very bright, Sweet, Nutty, Earthy, HIGH CAFFEINE, Berry

Medium Roast:  Bright, Nutty and Buttery, Medium-bodied, Semi-Sweet finish with slight notes of citrus.

Dark Roast:Robust, Tobacco, Slightly Smokey, Bold

Bourbon Barrel-Aged: Bright, Nutty, Oak, Bourbon, Spice, Slight Chocolate

Meet Gary, (Kenya AA) Notes:

Our Meet Gary, Kenya AA is an exotic and specialty single origin bean from Southern Africa. Kenya AA is an extremely sought after African bean because of its extremely unique flavor and aroma profile.

Light Roast: Extremely bright, heavy red wine-influence, Earthy, HIGH CAFFEINE

Medium Roast: Light body, Bright mouthfeel, Floral taste (berries & wine), and sharp/sweet aftertaste, moderate roast character

Dark Roast: Moderate body, Molasses, Bold, Heavy toast, and Charred berry.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Notes:

Medium Roast: Heavy American Oak, Nutty, Spice, Vanilla, and Chocolate Bourbon flavors.

Size: 14oz Bag w/ Degassing Valve