September 18, 2017 2 min read

Best Glass For IPA and Pale Ale Glass. Aslin Beer Company's Double Dry-hopped Orange Starfish IPA

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Aslin Beer Company is located in Herndon, Virginia. Aslin has been brewing delicious local beer for two years and recently celebrated their two-year anniversary. Aslin is known for brewing fragrant, hazy, and flavorful craft beers, but craft beer lovers praise them for their IPA, stout, and fruited sour beers. Today, we are providing our thoughts on Double Dry-hopped Orange Starfish, which is an IPA brewed and double dry-hopped with Galaxy and Citra hops.

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Aslin's double dry-hopped Neutrino IPA poured a turbid orange juice color and sported a small white head with good lacing.


Double Dry-hopped Orange Starfish IPA is a citrus dominant India Pale Ale with noticeable amounts of fresh tropical fruit. The hand-crafted IPA smells like a glass of dank orange juice.


Aslin Beer Company's DDH Orange Starfish is a smooth and light-bodied IPA full of Citra and Galaxy hop flavor. The flavor profile displays fresh citrus, citrus rind, and tropical fruit flavors. This IPA is juicy and tastes like dank orange juice. Orange Starfish stay true to the New England Style IPA - low bitterness and moderate carbonation complete the drinking experience.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, DDH Orange Starfish is a perfectly executed New England Style India Pale Ale from Aslin Beer Company. Double dry-hopped Orange Starfish is a fragrant and flavorful IPA that showcases the Galaxy and Citra hops perfectly. We definitely suggest trying it!

We frequent Aslin Beer Company on a weekly basis for their highly sought after cans of IPA. Aslin typically releases several craft beers on Thursdays at 3:00 pm; however, Aslin occasionally has Saturday can releases, too. Unfortunately, Aslin does not have a taproom, but they are in the process of building a new facility that will accommodate plenty of thirsty local beer drinkers.


We recommend visiting this fantastic craft brewery for their limited release craft beer cans, or a fresh growler of their hazy IPA or double IPA. 

Our Recommendations:

Aslin Beer Company:

DDH Neutrino (IPA), Double Orange Starfish (DIPA), Stellar Parallax (DIPA), How Now Brown Cow (Stout Beer), DDH Orange Starfish (IPA), and Astro Zombie (IPA).

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Brewery Location:

Aslin Beer Company

257 Sunset Park Dr.
Herndon, VA 20170