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Tree House Brewing Company was founded in 2011 and recently opened a massive new brewery in Charlton, Massachusettes. Tree House is known for crafting unique, hazy, and flavorful hop-forward pale ales and IPAs. Today, we are providing our thoughts on Green, which is an IPA that is brewed with Australian and American hops.

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Tree House Brewing Company's Green IPA poured a hazy golden yellow color with a slim off-white head.


Green opens up with inviting notes of dank citrus and tropical fruits - tangerine, pineapple, and orange rind.


Tree House's Green IPA expresses tangerine, pineapple, and grassy flavors on the palate. The hop flavors are followed by a sharp lingering bitterness that is more commonly associated with a west coast style IPA. The India Pale Ale is a medium-bodied hop-forward ale with moderate carbonation.

Final Thoughts:

  Tree House Brewing Company's Green IPA was really enjoyable. The Australian and American hops dominated the flavor and aroma profile, while the yeast provided pleasant stone fruit undertones. The IPA displayed more bitterness than a typical New England Style IPA; however, the lingering bitterness did not negatively affect the flavor profile of the craft beer.


We recommend visiting this fantastic craft brewery for their limited release craft beer cans.

Our Recommendations:

Tree House Brewing Company:

Green (IPA), Haze (DIPA), Single Shot (Stout Beer), Bright (IPA), and Julius (IPA).

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Brewery Location:

Tree House Brewing Company

129 Sturbridge Rd,

Charlton, MA 01507