November 26, 2020 1 min read

Bradley Brew Project is located in Bradley Beach, New Jersey. Over the last year, we were able to try numerous delicious offerings from Chelsey and Mike at Bradley brew project. Toppling Goliath now distributes across New Jersey and is looking forward to continuing their expansion. Today, we are providing our thoughts on Halftime, which is a Hazy Session IPA exclusively with Citra hops


Haltime Session IPA poured a rich hazy yellowish-orange color in our Porch Bomb IPA Glassware.


The  juice-forward craft beer produced wonderful citrus and grassy aromatics. We picked up a lot of citrus rind (grapefruit + orange) and grassy aromas.


While the wonderful citrus and tropical-forward aromatics are settling, you receive a punch of citrus rind and grassy bitterness to remind you it's an IPA. 

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Halftime is my current favorite offering (previously Unicorn Girls) from Bradley Brew Project. It's sessionable (huge for me), packs a stellar body for a lower abv beer, and the flavor/aroma are top-notch.

Our Beer Recommendations:

Bradley Brew Project Beers:

Unicorn Girls (IPA Beer), From Making Dreams (IPA), Night Night (Imperial Stout)

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Brewery Location:

Toppling Goliath Brewing Company:

714 Main Street
Bradley Beach, NJ