March 07, 2021 1 min read

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Introducing Pillow Talk, a hazy pale ale brewed with loads of wheat, oat, and massive hop additions. Our flavorful and aromatic New England style pale ale is not for sale, but we do host small tastings every month. I started creating this recipe about 18 months ago, and after 15 batches, I was able to achieve my desired results - a pillow soft wheat-forward pale ale that presents wonderful fleshy citrus and tropical fruit notes.


Our Pillow Talk hazy pale ale pours an opaque fleshy mango color in our new Buds & Brews Craft Beer Glasses.


The hop-forward pale ale produced wonderful citrus, tropical, and grassy aromatics. We picked up a lot of fleshy citrus (grapefruit + tangerine).


While the wonderful citrus and tropical-forward aromatics are settling, the body is moderately full, while remaining super soft with a touch of oaty-goodness.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I am extremely happy with the final tweaking of Pillow Talk. It's everything I enjoy in a New England Style Pale Ale.

Our Glassware Recommendations For Pale Ales:
- Drink Local v3
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